Sunday, July 5, 2009


Not because you suffered, but because you were there,

when times were hard,

Not because you lied, but because you surprised,

when times were jovial,

Not because you hurt, but because you made me realise,

when I was wrong,

Not because you killed, but because you cared for me,

when times were dangerous,

Not because you left, but because you came back,

when I needed you,

Not because you hated, but because you loved me,

Do I, love you.


  1. not because you are good, but because this is senseless
    when you could hae written something sensible.......
    just kidding...only the lines b4 when times were jovial dont connect...

  2. you have enterd into d domain f writing verses...gud...n dis 1 clerly shows wat u feel inside...yar kabhi to pyar mohabbat ke elawa likho... :P
    aise im sure miss loved has taken note of her lover boy...